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Free Introductory Class: The New Creatives

In this class: 00.00 The New Creatives | 03:05 Sigmoid Curve | 06:47 Old World Vs. New World | 13:06 The Old Master Story | 16:50 The Pyramid of Creative Success | 21:42 Exercise


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The Creative Breakthrough Course: The first in-depth online program for creatives. 

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Increase Your Confidence and Your Creative Impact
•Get rid of fears and creative blocks
•Learn the mindsets of creative visionaries
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•Unleash your gift and become a creative leader
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The Creative Breakthrough 10-week Course 

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Course Syllabus
•Week 01: Understanding the Creative Game
•Week 02: Becoming an Influencer Part 1
•Week 03: Success by Design
•Week 04: Positioning & Storytelling
•Week 05: Becoming an Influencer Part 2
•Week 06: Archetypes
•Week 07: Time Management for Creatives + Money
•Week 08: Becoming an Influencer Part 3
•Week 09: Higher Creativity
•Week 10: Breakthrough Thinking

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Reviews - Here’s what some of our past students have to say:

“HIGHLY recommend this course for ALL creatives. Prof G explains his concepts in a straightforward and clear step-by-step process. I had a “wow” moment from each and every class in this 10-week course. He will help you break through the jumble of thoughts that we (creatives) have on a daily basis and help you focus and narrow your work and, most importantly, get out there and START CREATING while leaving your roadblocks far behind. I don’t normally write reviews, but this was SUCH a significant benefit to my creative process that I need others to know.”
— Stacey Webb, Travel & Lifestyle Photographer/Influencer, San Marcos, CA

“The Creative Breakthrough Course reignited my passion to create. My experience was deeply inspiring, thought provoking, and life elevating. The once a week delivery format worked beautifully – I carved out time in the early mornings before work to complete it. The length of each class was also very effective – short enough to fit into a busy work schedule, long enough to provide the steps necessary to alter perspective. Production quality was high and content invaluable. Every class provided an insightful voice, and to list everything I learned would fill up the majority of this review! TCB influenced my own creative practice of writing/art direction by giving me permission to be my authentic self, unobstructed from all external pressures and past conditionings. It empowered me to continue writing my first book, mitigate self-sabotaging behaviors, increase quality of time, and feel more at peace. I would highly recommend it to all creatives out there.”
— Adam Bucci, Art Director/Writer, Portland, OR

”If you are a creative who feels stuck at the first step and you feel barricaded by fear and procrastination, this course is made for you. Prof G. is not just an instructor of creativity, but also a life coach through his teachings. I am forever grateful for Prof G. taking the time to put this course together and for the opportunity to take it. My creative work is no longer a series of rigorous and mundane tasks, but instead an exciting and enriching journey. I would absolutely 100 percent recommend it to creatives of all kinds, and people who are interested in expanding their minds overall. The content is excellent and thought provoking and the pace of the course is steady. Throughout the course, I felt anything but overwhelmed, because the delivery of the classes and the weekly exercises worked well with my busy schedule.”
— Rita Haley, Podcast Producer and Host, Tamuning, Guam

“There were no lost words during this course, every bit of information was profoundly insightful. I will continue to reference this course as a reminder to keep dreaming, growing and creating, and loving all that is external and internal to this process. <3 Thank you so much for everything you have shared over the last few months. Your generosity, wealth of knowledge and endless motivation has significantly impacted how I am building my reality.”
— Kristine Yan, Art Director, Portland, OR

“Discover the wizard behind the curtain – and it’s YOU! Prof’ G’s ten week course is a journey through gates, each opening wider and closer towards the sound of your own voice. This course encourages and guides you to be self-expressive, an effective communicator and a dreamer who takes action. Informative, well paced, entertaining and at times poignant, Prof G’s Creative Breakthrough is like having a supportive experienced best friend hand-holding you through your next BIG THING. I wish they taught this way in college. I believe this approach is the future.”
— Alissa White, Entrepreneur/Retail, Los Angeles, CA

“The course came at the right moment in my life and gave me the tools to better understand how to maximize my creative process as well as how to organize my projects to make them more complete, efficient and REAL! I would certainly advise any creative who wants to evolve to the next step in their career or who wants to liberate themselves from a block. I will cherish what I learned and apply to in the coming years.”
— Annie Dubé, Writer/Content Creator, Montreal, Canada

“This class has absolutely changed my personal perspective and approach to developing my creative process and energy toward life. I highly recommend this course to those needing a "re-birth" of their true creative being. The mapping classes were the absolute best--"Persona vs. True Self" "Postioning vs. StoryTelling". Also the "You-Message-Audience" map was VERY powerful prior to diving deep into psychographics and archetypes.”
— Jasmine Russell, Creative Strategy & Tech Entrepreneur, Minneapolis, MN

“The course is deep and simple at the same time. I’ve integrated into my life in the form of awareness, value, joy and change.”
— Mariana García, Architect, Montevideo, Uruguay

— "Yes! Enroll me now in The Creative Breakthrough Course."

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